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Do you deliver kegs to our venue?

The short answer, YES! Kegs are heavy and cumbersome. If you let them warm up - guess what, you’ll get foamy beer!

Many customers love our keg delivery service which is included in all of our mobile bar packages.  We work with you to figure out a great bar menu, and we will pick up these heavy kegs and bring them to your event.

We keep the kegs cold with keg jackets that completely cover the kegs and will keep them cold for up to 24 hours to avoid the dreaded foamy beer problem.

You can select from a nice array of local beers - and we’ll pick them up!

How many beverages can we choose?

Typically, most of our clients fill up all 8 taps on the truck. We serve up to 6 wines by the bottle. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We will gladly serve bottles and cans upon request.

Do we have to bring the cups/ice/napkins?

Nope! We take care of this. This can be a chore if you do it yourself.

Once it’s all said and done, the average wedding uses about 200-400 pounds of ice. We find that our customers enjoy the convenience that we provide when we take care of this chore.

​Typically, we use a 16oz cup for beer and a 9oz cup for wine, cider and signature cocktails. These cups are clear plastic.

How much alcohol do we need?

A good rule of thumb is two drinks per person the first hour of an event and one drink per person thereafter.

We can tailor the beverage order to fit your budget and the make up of your guest list.

Can we bring our own liquor?

Yes - NETCo (like most mobile bars) does not have a liquor license, yet we carry the insurance to serve. As you know, our signature cocktail program is a great way to serve custom beverages - more efficient, tastier, and shorter lines for your guests.

When would you arrive (and leave)?

We aim to arrive at least an hour before your event start time in order to deliver our bar and set everything up. Many times, we have multiple events in a day with our fleet of mobile bars, and may deliver everything the morning of the event.

We leave as soon as your bar service ends. If one of our bars is still present, there is no self serving allowed for liability reasons.

Do you offer coffee service?

Yes, we can serve a nitro cold brew on draft.

Do you provide non alcoholic beverages?

Typically, the caterer will provide water and soft drinks as part of their catering package - but not always!

We can provide bottled water and soft drinks.

Some of our clients opt to put a mocktail or alcohol free cocktail on tap. This is a great option when a good amount of folks do not drink alcohol.

How do I reserve bar services for my wedding or event?

If you determine that our services are a good fit, we will forward a contract with details of your custom package. To agree to the terms, simply sign and return the contract with a 25% deposit to lock in your event.

Once the deposit is paid, we will figure out next steps whether that’s an in person tasting or phone/e-mail bar menu consultation.

How many servings do I get out of a keg?

There are three main sizes when it comes to kegs - 1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel, and 1/6 barrel.

1/2 barrel - the large keg that will fit inside a 55 gallon bucket - serves 165 bottles of beer - very heavy but slightly more cost effective than 1/6 barrels.

​1/4 barrel - you won’t see this very often but some European and Mexican beers come in this size. They hold 82 bottles or 62 pints.

​1/6 barrel - the smallest keg, perfect for when you want a variety of beverages on tap. These days, it’s more common to find kegs of wine and hard cider. When serving 5 oz pours, you’ll get about 130 servings. For beer, 55 bottles worth or 41 pints.

Most craft breweries offer their brews in 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrel sizes.

Do you charge a travel fee?

We include 30 mile round trip from zip code 14086.  Our additional mileage rate changes depending on how far away your event is located and which type of mobile bar is being transported. This pays for transportation of the mobile bar.

Do you supply bartenders or can we rent one of your trucks by itself?

Our goal is to help you throw a better party - which is why we only offer full service mobile bar packages. All of these packages include bartenders.

We only send friendly and professional bartenders, and we believe that people are our most valuable asset. We will treat you and your guests with respect and pour them delicious drinks all night long!

How do you put a cocktail on tap?

Surprisingly enough, almost anything can be put on tap. We precisely measure and mix all the necessary ingredients - ensuring that the final product will be delicious and up to par.

Cocktails on tap are a great way to serve beverages at an event - weddings are a great example. Our permit allows us to serve beer, wine, cider and malt liquor. 

We use what are called corny kegs - they can hold 5 gallons of whatever you want to put on tap. This is the equivalent of roughly 130 servings (5 ounces each) and we can always make a back-up keg if you know that your guests will be thirsty!

Alternatively, we can batch cocktails in smaller portions if desired.

Are we limited to your signature cocktail list or is there flexibility on different recipes there?

We have enjoyed coming up with unique cocktails with our clients since day one. So yes, we can come up with a cocktail or you can choose from our list! 

Do the bartenders
use a fancy garnish before serving for the signature cocktails to make them feel elevated?

Yes, we assign each cocktail a garnish. 

Do you carry liquor liability insurance? 

North East Tap Co. carries liquor liability and general liability insurance. We do so as a service to you - if something bad were to happen that is alcohol related, you could be held liable! That wouldn’t be a fun way to remember your big day or private party.

We can even add your venue as a certificate holder to our insurance policy. We like to have fun but also ensure that everyone is staying safe.

If we’re not serving liquor, do we still need liquor liability insurance?

Yes, the insurance covers the serving of alcohol - which includes beer, wine, hard cider, and most signature cocktails. As your bar service, we are responsible for the serving of alcohol at your event. Our policy can also be extended to your venue if so desired.

Can you serve signature cocktails? 

One of our favorite parts of the business is helping you pick signature cocktails for your wedding bar. Although we usually build these from a tried and true recipe, we can tailor them to your liking during a private tasting.

All ingredients are fresh - we do not use concentrates or artificial flavors.

By batching the signature cocktail, we cut down on the dreaded long line at the bar. Remember the last time you were at an event and waited 20 minutes for a drink? When you go with NETCo, the line is never more than 5-10 minutes long.

Do we need to get a liquor permit?

This depends on your venue. Some require that you apply for a Special Events Permit. ​

We cannot file this for you, since we are the bar service - not the host of the party.

What does the full event setup look like? Are the bartenders standing in front of a table/stand? Are there any decorations/signs?

There is a wooden bar placed on the tap side of the truck. The bartenders stand in between the bar and the truck. The coolers for cocktail ice and wine will be behind the bar.

On top of the wooden bar will be a bar sign and bottles of wine to showcase the offerings.

Can we do a cash bar?

YES, we sell beverages by the serving at festivals and public events, but not weddings. At weddings and private events, the host pays for everything.

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